Description : Cowboys in Charge includes seven stories of strong, loving cowboys and the women who try their patience. These are romantic stories with a touch of domestic discipline/spanking. Snowed in with Her Cowboy James wants Kelly to quit work and start a family, but she resists the idea. Will he give up the idea of a family or will he give up Kelly? Too Much Red at Christmas Time Lizzie has a bizarre addiction to Christmas shopping and she can’t help herself, even knowing she will face the wrath of her husband who believes in domestic discipline. For the Love of His Cowgirl Amber misses the fun little games she and Adam used to play. There never seems to be time for steamy sex, or even the spankings he’d occasionally given her for various infractions of rules or for misbehavior. Can she entice him back; get the dwindling fires of their love going again? Cowboys and Their Toys Jennifer loves Jason and she’d trusted him as he’d led her into the BDSM lifestyle. But now he wants to take things to a more intense level and she’s balking at it. Will she lose him if she doesn’t agree to go 24/7? Plus three more equally hot stories of cowboys and the women they love.    

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