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New book out now!

So very pleased to announce our latest book…

The Otherling

The Otherling by Heather M. Walker

It’s always exciting when another book rolls off the production line!  For some the process seems to happen relatively smoothly whilst some seem to have a rockier road before they get to publication!  This book landed on my desk over a year ago.  I loved it when I first read it and it has matured through the editing process.   I am so pleased to see this book out and so delighted for Heather who has worked so very hard on this story.  It is a supernatural romance, a riveting read.   She has another story out very soon..


Books…. Books and more books

Has been a busy week, they are all busy but this week has been really busy.  I have been reading through the stories for the anthology we are putting together on the subject of “First Submission”.  We have also been re-covering our old stories and re-issuing them.  The latest two are very close to me as the first story Toy’s Story written by Robert Cloud was the first cover I did for Black Velvet Seductions.

Black Velvet Seductions erotic romance

The second story to be re-released was The Crimson Z,a paranormal anthology, this too was largely the brain child of Robert Cloud.  I was a little reluctant to re-cover the book as I loved the illustration I did for the book.  Time moves on and we needed a more modern look to our books so reluctantly I changed to this new cover.  Another reasons for my rather sentimental thoughts on these books were these were the last projects I worked on with Robert as soon after he died of cancer.  He was a lovely man  and it was a pleasure working with him.  The other reason was Crimson Z saw me take the step from writer to author with the story The Anniversary.  There is no feeling like seeing your name in print holding your book for the very first time.

Z 2015.indd

We have two more books due out next week, more of those in due time


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