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Microsoft Windows 10 an unwelcome invader

I have a grumble….  and I know all you Apple fans will say “serves you bloody well right for not going for mac” I have been a PC user since the late 80’s. I started with moldy old Dos and I have plodded on with various incarnations of windows…. I was happily using windows 7 and it kept asking did I want to upgrade to windows 10 I kept saying no, must have turned down the offer for the upgrade ten dozen times.. I did not want a new operating system buggering up my computer.. I am more than capable of messing up my own system, I really don’t need any help from Microsoft. Imagine my joy when this morning I find that Microsoft had decided that I was going to be upgraded whether I liked it or not… I am not a massive fan of Microsoft to start with, I use it because it is necessary for work. I was recently shafted by Microsoft with the new windows 365.  I had office 2010 which was working well on my work machine. When I upgraded I was informed it would no longer be able to use it… not pleased at all…

Back to Windows 10 Is Microsoft so hard up that it has taken to extorting money out of us? if it is maybe they could ask Billy Gates to re invest a bit back?? If I had wanted to change would have agreed to do it…

Mac users if you feel the need to gloat.. just keep it to yourself.. happy in the knowledge you are right and I made the wrong decision all those years ago…..

Rant over…..


Busy busy busy…

Life is a funny thing, I wrote a blog as a professional artist for a long while.  I have blogged for a number of years on various things, but a theme keeps occurring.  I either have time to work or the time to write about it.  This last couple of weeks has been a bit like that.  Circumstances have meant that despite our best efforts we currently have five books due for release at the same time.  I am not complaining.  It just feels a bit like London buses; you don’t see one for ages and then five come along together.   Anyway, this is a busy time for Black Velvet Seductions.  Our first new release is out there today, Runaway Heart by Leslie McKelvey.  We have another hot on its heels, our anthology of Domination/submission stories, First Submission.  I will go into the details of the anthology and the subsequent stories in future blogs. After all I need to have something else to write about!

Runaway Heart

So, the new book, Runaway Heart, it is a cracker, an action romance.  Lindsay Davenport has it all: a handsome, wealthy husband, a life of seeming ease, and everything money could buy. But what do you buy when you live in hell? After seven years of marriage, seven years of abuse and violence, she changes her name and flees to a remote town in Alaska, determined to escape her husband’s cruelty and start her life over.  Life, however, has other plans…. Ross Devlin loves his bar in Cooper’s Ridge, Alaska. He loves being a bachelor, being a pilot, and playing hockey. Then a quiet woman with a shady past walks into his life.  As time passes he realizes he doesn’t love anything as much as he loves her, and his bar, his plane, and hockey are not as important as protecting her from an ex-husband who plans to make the phrase “Till death us do part” a reality.

Don’t miss this great new book by the ever popular Leslie McKelvey! Available now on Amazon, Smashwords and Barnes & Noble


I have observed a new wave of puritans on the net. Where has this puritanical sect chosen to practice their zealot habit? In the most unlikely of places – Facebook. Now, before I start, I freely accept that in a public forum there needs to be some rules governing the material you can display, but Facebook have taken it to a new level.

Many, like me, have taken to using social media to promote our books, art, or whatever, in order to make a living. One of the better ways of raising your profile is writing a post or setting an ad on Facebook and boosting it. This opens you to a new audience.  It is a paid ad so I feel you should get a degree of latitude within the boundaries of decency. I am promoting BVS and what we sell is romance books, some of which are rather erotic. Even using the word erotic on Facebook opens you up to limitations. I wanted to promote my thoughts on Valentine’s Day, the post before this one, and thought I would boost the post on Facebook to reach a bigger audience. Although there was nothing really sexual in the post, as you can see if you red it, it is a rather cynical piece about the exploitative nature of the day guilting people into taking part. When boosting, it was rejected for its overly sexual content.

Over the last couple of years I have been using double entendres and rather risqué phrases such as do submissives get a fair crack of the whip? I know it is not that funny but it does draw the eye and give a smile. You have a heck of a job getting these kinds of ads past the FB censor for boosting. There are hoops you must also jump through, any wordage on the post must not take up more than 20% of the ad and the picture must not be sexual. The sexual nature of that image is down to their interpretation, for example.

punished revised.inddcover.inddcover.indd


The left was not an acceptable image as it exceeded the 20% text rule, which was fair enough.  The centre is too explicit and the far right was approved.  Of the second two pics, I fail to see any logic in that at all.

It makes for a very frustrating time promoting your work online in this kind of social media setting. There will come a time where FB’s grip of social media will weaken in the way that MySpace and Friends Reunited have waned and new platforms will arise. I hope that when this new platform gets here it will have a more sensible way of doing business.


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