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Busy busy busy…

Life is a funny thing, I wrote a blog as a professional artist for a long while.  I have blogged for a number of years on various things, but a theme keeps occurring.  I either have time to work or the time to write about it.  This last couple of weeks has been a bit like that.  Circumstances have meant that despite our best efforts we currently have five books due for release at the same time.  I am not complaining.  It just feels a bit like London buses; you don’t see one for ages and then five come along together.   Anyway, this is a busy time for Black Velvet Seductions.  Our first new release is out there today, Runaway Heart by Leslie McKelvey.  We have another hot on its heels, our anthology of Domination/submission stories, First Submission.  I will go into the details of the anthology and the subsequent stories in future blogs. After all I need to have something else to write about!

Runaway Heart

So, the new book, Runaway Heart, it is a cracker, an action romance.  Lindsay Davenport has it all: a handsome, wealthy husband, a life of seeming ease, and everything money could buy. But what do you buy when you live in hell? After seven years of marriage, seven years of abuse and violence, she changes her name and flees to a remote town in Alaska, determined to escape her husband’s cruelty and start her life over.  Life, however, has other plans…. Ross Devlin loves his bar in Cooper’s Ridge, Alaska. He loves being a bachelor, being a pilot, and playing hockey. Then a quiet woman with a shady past walks into his life.  As time passes he realizes he doesn’t love anything as much as he loves her, and his bar, his plane, and hockey are not as important as protecting her from an ex-husband who plans to make the phrase “Till death us do part” a reality.

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A story of Doms and subs……

Chatting with one of the authors on the subject of the anthology.  We ended up in a conversation with what constitutes domination and submission in terms of literary content.  In terms of stories it is a pretty lose description and could take a story almost anywhere, as lot of stories have a power exchange in them. 

A topic arose in which John Wayne films came up the scene that came to my mind was in True Grit, yet the writer said the film she remembered was McLintock.  Further research has shown that he spanks women in Donovan’s Reef and The quite man.  I wonder how many other films he does spank women? 


Going back to the anthology, this was the advice I gave to the writer.  In honesty the sub, Dom phenomenon is a mind-set.  I have worked with quite a number of them over the years either as an artist or in terms of publishing and form my experience true subs and Doms know within themselves what they are.  I believe most people have shade of both within them, for instance how many times have you heard a lady Say “I want a real man, rather than a wishy washy “New age” man. being sub is not a door mat.  I have known some subs that are rather high powered individuals, used to giving orders.  Yet in their private lives or in the bedroom want their partner to have all the power.  Being a Dom does not equate to being a brute.  I know Doms that are right softies, yet they are Dom and they do not expect to be messed about. D/s is a big subject. a lot of people that don’t know the scene see it as abusive, but it is far from that or at least should be. Mostly it is trust.  The Dom does not have the power really it is the sub that freely gives her submission to him or her.  Hers to give not his to take.  I am sure a writer could explore this subject in many ways and a different take on the subject would be really interesting and rather refreshing.


Books…. Books and more books

Has been a busy week, they are all busy but this week has been really busy.  I have been reading through the stories for the anthology we are putting together on the subject of “First Submission”.  We have also been re-covering our old stories and re-issuing them.  The latest two are very close to me as the first story Toy’s Story written by Robert Cloud was the first cover I did for Black Velvet Seductions.

Black Velvet Seductions erotic romance

The second story to be re-released was The Crimson Z,a paranormal anthology, this too was largely the brain child of Robert Cloud.  I was a little reluctant to re-cover the book as I loved the illustration I did for the book.  Time moves on and we needed a more modern look to our books so reluctantly I changed to this new cover.  Another reasons for my rather sentimental thoughts on these books were these were the last projects I worked on with Robert as soon after he died of cancer.  He was a lovely man  and it was a pleasure working with him.  The other reason was Crimson Z saw me take the step from writer to author with the story The Anniversary.  There is no feeling like seeing your name in print holding your book for the very first time.

Z 2015.indd

We have two more books due out next week, more of those in due time


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