We all remember our firsts in life; first kiss, first love, first sexual experience. Black V...Book Details
Author : Mandie Mills, R.M. Olivia, Leslie McKelvey, Zora Nyxx, Breanna Hayse, S.K. Fero, Kelly Dawson, Starla Kaye, A.T. Brennan, Amanda Ravenscroft, and Selkie McKatrick
First Submission: An Erotic Anthology
Five sizzling hot, romantic, stories, telling of love and domestic discipline by some of Bla...Book Details
Author : Richard Savage, Nadia Nautalia, and Starla Kaye
Zachariah was a true craftsman. It was the passion to reach true perfection that drove him t...Book Details
Author : Robert Cloud, Lee Rush, Richard Savage, Abby Blythe, and Kara Elsbery
The Crimson Z