Phae Carson married young to a husband who was verbally and emo...Book Details
Author : Carol Schoenig
The Caretaker
After surviving a massacre, Lady Megan MacKelloch intends on seeking sanctuary with the Poor...Book Details
Author : L.J. Dare
The King’s Blade
Marcus, 4th Duke of Lethan, has been in love with Cora for longer than he cares t...Book Details
Author : Summer Edwards
Ravished by the Highwayman
A group of ladies, of a certain age, are looking for romance and Chris Black is the object o...Book Details
Author : Freia Hooper-Bradford
Crossover, Texas
Gemma needs a front-page story in order to keep her job, and getting involved with a serial ...Book Details
Author : Zia Westfield
Killer Secrets
CIA linguist and expert sniper, Cat Beckett, saves Lt. Ryan Heller and his ambushed SEAL tea...Book Details
Author : Leslie McKelvey
Final Kill
Late in 1916, in a London menaced by the threat of German attack, Ivy Drummond is rescued fr...Book Details
Author : Sally Anne Palmer
The Postman’s Daughter
Devastated by the abandonment of her unfaithful husband, Ryann finds herself struggling as a...Book Details
Author : Rai Karr & Breanna Hayse
Ryann’s Revenge
For two centuries the New World Order has used the church to persecute and control the masse...Book Details
Author : Karlene Cameron
Dark Awakening
Desiree Mendelsohn lives life to its fullest. Her business is a cover to run arms for the Re...Book Details
Author : Deborah Kelsey
These Eyes So Green
Charlotte is determined to find the missing parts of herself that her oppressive marriage cl...Book Details
Author : Heather M. Walker
The Reclaiming of Charlotte Moss
In south Georgia, not everything is what is seems. Beautiful and demure white witch, Annalea...Book Details
Author : Heather M. Walker
The Otherling
We all remember our firsts in life; first kiss, first love, first sexual experience. Black V...Book Details
Author : Mandie Mills, R.M. Olivia, Leslie McKelvey, Zora Nyxx, Breanna Hayse, S.K. Fero, Kelly Dawson, Starla Kaye, A.T. Brennan, Amanda Ravenscroft, and Selkie McKatrick
First Submission: An Erotic Anthology
Lindsay Davenport has it all: a handsome, wealthy husband, a life of seeming ease, and every...Book Details
Author : Lesley McKelvey
Runaway Heart
Caught in the grasp of a cold, empty marriage, Adrian and Gabrielle in war torn Belgium is t...Book Details
Author : Jan Selbourne
Behind The Clouds
Juliet Hall has the perfect life. Then a madman takes away that perfect life, her career, an...Book Details
Author : Leslie McKelvey
Her Sister’s Keeper
Accidental Affair
Jack Vaughn is sure his life is over as he tumbles down the wooded hillside onto the deserted two-la...Book Details
Author : Leslie McKelvey
Accidental Affair
When Sir John FitzAlan, lord of an elite mercenary company, is rewarded with the Aquitainian...Book Details
Author : V. L. Smith
The White Spider of Savignac
Five sizzling hot, romantic, stories, telling of love and domestic discipline by some of Bla...Book Details
Author : Richard Savage, Nadia Nautalia, and Starla Kaye
Book Details
Author : Starla Kaye
Trusting Love Again

Xander Doumas, wealthy, intelligent and gorgeous entr...Book Details

Author : Glenda Horsfall
Playing By His Rules
While shooting pictures of a mama bear and her cubs in Rocky Mountain National Park, wildlif...Book Details
Author : Leslie McKelvey
Right Place, Right Time
Kara was the victim of a brutal rape that occurred when she was seven. The event destroyed h...Book Details
Author : Alyssa Aaron
His Perfect Submissive
Cowboys in Charge includes seven stories of strong, loving cowboys and the women who try the...Book Details
Author : Starla Kaye
Cowboys in Charge
A gifted, but untrained clairaudient with a secret desire to be dominated is about to find o...Book Details
Author : Susan Gabriel
The Stir of Echo
Zachariah was a true craftsman. It was the passion to reach true perfection that drove him t...Book Details
Author : Robert Cloud, Lee Rush, Richard Savage, Abby Blythe, and Kara Elsbery
The Crimson Z
Book Details
Author : Starla Kaye
Their Lady Gloriana
Scarred and with a permanent limp, Morgan moved to a quiet cottage in rural Montana wanting ...Book Details
Author : Renee Reeves
Night Angel
Matt is worried! Their relationship is in trouble. Cassie has been begging him to add role-p...Book Details
Author : Glenda Horsfall
Playing For Keeps
Destiny is on the line for Summer Solstice, the sultry and acerbic hostess of the popular la...Book Details
Author : Susan Gabriel
Only the Lonely
At twenty one, Martha Darrington was hoping that she still had several years of carefree cav...Book Details
Author : Carolee Croft
Engaged to the Earl
Brandi has known Colby Pennington for most of her life and has loved him almost as long. Get...Book Details
Author : Starla Kaye
Her Cowboys Way
Marly Prescott's father vanished. Then her sister left her son on Marly's doorstep and disap...Book Details
Author : Crea Jones
Rally Fever
Jared had left Danville, Kansas, a confused and angry teenager. The black sheep of his family, he’...Book Details
Author : Starla Kaye
Holly’s Big Bad Santa
James and Annie are mature adults who meet online and discover a powerful attraction that gr...Book Details
Author : Lee Rush
Bound By Fate
High flyer, Ben, is at odds with his wife, Carissa, because of her chaotic lifestyle. Can do...Book Details
Author : Anissa Blume
Revising the Plan
Can Wyatt prove himself and win the girl of his dreams? A tender western romance proving tha...Book Details
Author : Sue McConnell
Sympathy Dance
Warning: Explicit Content. Online relationships are difficult ...Book Details
Author : Robert Cloud
Toy’s Story: Acquisition of a Sex Toy
Asking for what you want is hard. Asking for what you need is even harder. Kayla and Tommie ...Book Details
Author : Mila Winters
The Love She Wants
A renowned heart surgeon, Dr. Sam Kahill knows how to heal damaged and diseased hearts. What...Book Details
Author : Anissa Blume
Cultural Concessions
Toni and Blair were friends once, or at least Blair had thought they were friends until Toni...Book Details
Author : Jessica Joy
Fool Me Once
Author Ayn Amorelli takes advantage of a very popular traditional romance novel plot, the ma...Book Details
Author : Ayn Amorelli
Contract Bride