Author interview with the Late Leslie McKelvey
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The late Lesley McKelvey wrote erotic adventure stories for Black Velvet Seductions. Her titles Final KillAccidental Affair, Right Place, Right Time, Her Sister’s Keeper and Runaway Heart, are very popular with our readers!  Find out more about Leslie in the Passion in the Pages interview for Ropin Romance. The article appears below.


Passion in the Pages Author Interview – Leslie McKelvey

leslieHere is my author interview with Leslie McKelvey for the Passion in the Pages Event. Make sure to check out her romantic suspense book Runaway Heart. Grab your copy today.

What is your favorite thing about writing romance books?
My favorite thing is taking fantasy and making it more real, creating lifelike characters out of the voices in my head. They often quiet down once I tell their story, lol.

Are you a fan of romance books and if so do you have a preference for endings such as happily ever afters?
I am a fan of romance.  I don’t know how you could write romance if you’re not a fan.  And I LOVE a happy ending because so often in real life there isn’t one.

What is one thing that readers can find in your romance books that make it stand out from others in the same genre?
I get comments from readers on how realistic my characters are, and how detailed my stories are.  I do a lot of research because even though I write fiction, I want my books to be as relate-able as possible.  An author can only push the suspension of disbelief so far.

What is one of your biggest pet peeves and why?
In writing, or in life?  Haha.  In writing, right now it’s the “book series” with all the “cliffhangers” trend.  I have a three-book series, but each novel is a standalone with a HEA.  In life?  My biggest pet peeve is political correctness.

If you could be wined and dined by any movie or book character who would you choose and why?
Without a doubt, FBI Special Agent Bear Bristol from my second novel, Right Place, Right Time.  He’s a combo of my first love (a US Marine) and my true love (my hubby the cop).  It’d be like the best of both!

It seems as though most readers have a goto/comfort book that they will often reread so do you have one and why that particular book?
The Wolf and the Dove by Kathleen Woodiwiss.  Over the years I’ve probably read that book a dozen times.  I love the setting, the characters, and the story.  It sweeps you up and back to that time in history.

Have you ever done an author signing and do you prefer virtual or live meet & greets/signings?
I’ve never had the opportunity, unfortunately, to do an in-person author signing.  I live in Northern California, but my town is sort of out in the sticks (and I have two kids at home).  Because I’ve never done a live meet/greet I can’t really compare it to an online gathering, but in an online M&G you can backtrack and answer everyone’s questions, eventually.  In a live M&G, once the guests are gone the event is completely over.  I would like the opportunity to try a live signing, though.

What is one thing you would like to see added or changed with our events?
Well, this is my first event with you so I can’t really say at this point.  Perhaps more frequent author spotlights?  Ask me this question AFTER the event on Saturday, lol.

What is your favorite comfort foods?
Oh, geez, that’s a long list.  Pizza is one of my faves, but I also like Mexican, Thai, burgers.  I guess my favorite comfort food is whatever I’m in the mood for at the time.

What do you want new potential readers to know about you and your books?
I try to be real, and my primary goal is to tell an engaging story with likeable and believable characters in an entertaining (and grammatically correct) way.  I aim to please!  ?

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