Always work safely. You can never have too many backups!
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This is good advice for everyone, but especially writers. Always save and always back up.  MS Word has a good autosave feature that has saved me a couple of times when the PC has crashed while I have been working. I have been told I am a bit too cautious.  I save my writing all the time. When I do revisions to the script, I save it as with a different file name, usually the story title with that day’s date, so I can see the current version of the story.  In addition to that, I back up the hard drive once a week sometimes more if I am feeling especially paranoid.

I do go further than that.  When you consider the time you have taken on your scripts, there is no way you want to risk losing them.  Right? It goes without saying save it to your hard drive, but even they can crash. Back up on an external storage device.  While you are feeling cautious why not put it on a cloud storage service too, and then finally why not email your script to a trusted friend.

If you have ever lost data, this has to make sense, right? Have you got any horror stories about not backing up your work?

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