Why can poetry be such a turn on?
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I love poetry as an art form, and erotic poetry in particular.  Some are very soft and sensual, and some are just plain hot.  BVS has been looking at doing an anthology of erotic poetry for a while; I even wrote a couple of pieces for it.  I was looking at some of the other poems in the proposed today when I was in the office.  That sent me looking on the net for more poetic inspirations, and I came across this beautiful and sensual poem.

Leo Christopher


I made love to her on paper.

and spilled ink like passion across the sheets.

I caressed her curves in every love letter.

I kissed up and down her thighs in short sentences and prose.

I tasted all her innocence, without a spoken word.

I bit her lip and pulled her hair, in between the lines.

I made her arch her back and scream,

it only took a pen.

Do you write poetry? Or have you ever been tempted to write poetry? Maybe even erotic or sensual poetry? Is it something you would only share with someone close? Or perhaps just your partner?  Why do you think poems can evoke such passionate emotions?  My theory is that there is so much in the erotic that can’t be seen, it is much more about how it makes you feel or want to see.  In the Leo Christopher poem, I love the metaphor of sensual touch and writing. Have you a poem you would like to share?

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